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System Management

Genious communications with more than 10 years of experience in administering servers, offers a wide range of services related to system administration to clients.

Our sysadmin offers are available for Dedicated and Cloud servers running Linux or Windows.

We offer services like the Managed hosting and the Fully Managed. Following close, the main features of these two services :


  • Number of Servers : 1
  • Monitoring :
  • Optimizations :
  • Security Updates :
  • Monthly Intervention Time : 2h
  • Restoration Time : 4h
  • Unique support contact :
  • Backup Retention (In Weeks) : 1
  • Root Access :
  • 24/7 Mail Support :
  • Phone Support : Office Hours

Fully managed

  • Number of Servers : 1
  • Monitoring :
  • Optimizations :
  • Security Updates :
  • Monthly Intervention Time : 30min
  • Restoration Time : 2h
  • Unique support contact :
  • Backup Retention (In Weeks) : 4
  • Root Access :
  • 24/7 Mail Support :
  • Phone Support :

A skilled staff answers all your needs 24/7, this service includes the following:

  • Server management of the Windows/Linux operating system, maintenance and security services.

  • Installation and configuration of a web platform (Apache / MySQL / PHP) or (IIS / SQLServer)

  • Configuration and optimization of different modules for website support (Cache optimization Etc ...)

  • Configuration of domain names

  • Provision of our DNS

  • Supervision of your server by a probe (disk/processor/ memory) and monitoring of Web services

  • Daily backup of your database and your data (D and D + 1).

  • Support and configuration of your server. This service may include for example the setting of new websites, change passwords, the basic data transfer or file, setting up scheduled tasks. This service may also include the update of your web application updates or its optimization by assisting your developers


Our server management strategy is based on the following methodology :

1. Needs analysis

2. Deployment & migration

3. Administration & maintenance

4. Recommendation

Le Fully Managed

  • Complete Autonomy and server management! (Fully Managed) If you want to focus on your business and hand us the technical management of your server, then this service is for you.

This includes :

  • Regular updating of your system

  • Proactive monitoring

  • Periodic diagnostic analysis of system logs (intrusion attempts, hardware failures, abnormal behavior, etc.)

  • Administration of your server with the limit of 3 hours per month (countdown per minute)

  • Our team work with autonomy to ensure the maintenance of your server.

  • You can have the possibility to claim an intervention of our team that will be deducted from your prepaid plan.

  • We do not provide services related to "new installation, specific configuration.." in our server management system.


  • Software updates & installation

  • Analysis of some specific elements

  • Configuration of domain accounts

  • At this level, you don't have to prepay the time of intervention related to monitoring. Three hours are sufficient to do the job, as mentioned before !



    Guaranteed Time Response represents the duration of an intervention done by a company to fix an interrupted service.

  • What's a Guaranteed Repair Time ?

    Guaranteed repair time represents the average time required to fix or repair a damaged service.

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